Bora Shabaa

Supporting refugees to fulfil their potential

Bora Shabaa’s vision is to help immigrants settle into and thrive in our Hull communities.

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Our Aims

Bora Shabaa supports refugees to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest stage possible, by offering language support, how to access services such as decent housing, benefits, employment, healthcare and schools for children. We aim to:


Relieve financial hardship 

To advance education and relieve financial hardship amongst those seeking and granted refugee status and their dependants, so as to advance them in life and assist them to adapt within a new community.


Increase Awareness

To advance the education of the general public about the issues relating to refugees and those seeking asylum.


Protect Physical & Mental Health

To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of those granted refugee status and their dependants.

Our Services


Interpretation for the Black & Asian communities. Languages include English, French, Swahili and kinya Rwanda


Advice and Guidance sessions held every Thursday between 10am and 2pm.

Educational Visits

Organised trips that allow families to visit various places of interest around Hull and learn about new culture.

Youth Club

Offering positive out of school activities for young people by practising cultural songs and dances.

Art & Cultural Activity

Workshops for women to empower them to grow out if the restriction set by culture from back home.

Our Classes

Community is open Monday to Friday.

Tuesday: 10am – 12pm

Stitching Classes

Wednesday: 10am – 2pm

Hair Dressing Classes (please contact us to book a place)

Advice and Guidance sessions

Thursday: 10am – 2pm

Interpreting open to the community, subject to need and availability (covering English, French, Arabic, Swahili, kinya Rwanda)

Friday: 10am – 12pm

Informal ESOL classes

Saturday: 10am – 2pm

English for Mothers

Activities for Children. Arts & Crafts


Our trustees

The team at Bora Shabaa are made up of trustees who are volunteers.

These trustees are all ethnic minority members of the community who have come together to help each other and families.

Severine Kipili


07398 112 959

Simon Mupenda



07415 412 614

Joshua Kiswe Kasongo


Bora Shabaa

Supporting refugees to fulfil their potential

Providing high quality support in an environment that offers respect as well as dignity and confidentiality.

Listen and respect with understanding and compassion with a non-discriminatory approach.

Telephone: 01482 680524

Correspondence Address: Hull Community Church, 310 Newland Ave, Hull. HU5 2NB

Bora Shabaa Refugee Community Organisation is a Registered Charity (No. 1135550)